Company Profile

A Revolutionary Paint for the World!

BAN-ZI, a development and manufacturing company, has designed an extraordinary paint with the intention of supporting people across the globe. Our goal is twofold: to provide a solution to those who need a special type of paint and to offer an advantage to both individuals and communities everywhere.

The name of this water-based, rust-converting paint is RUSTSAMURAI. Already widely used in Japan, where it’s regarded as the top choice for dealing with rust, RUSTSAMURAI is now set to take flight toward markets the world over.

All of us at BAN-ZI remain committed to delivering our outstanding paints and services. Our unique ideas transcend conventional thinking in the industry, and by listening to our customers and understanding the times, we will be able to bring our products to more people. In doing so we will also strive to evolve as a company by taking on new challenges with the aim of providing even greater advantages to our customers worldwide.

As BAN-ZI looks toward the future, we very much appreciate all of your guidance and support in the years ahead.


Corporate Name

BAN-ZI Co., Ltd.


Banzi Miyahara

Head Office

118 Sankaku-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, 262-0011, Japan





Main Business Activities

Development and manufacturing of special paints, eco-friendly products,
and OEM products, and other research and development.